This has been made available to view days before openings so this will be attached to any emails complaining and hopefully you can understand

Welcome to lovebee I wanted to write a little (ok it’s a lot) about openings and hopefully answer some questions you may have 

Firstly I am so grateful for all the support and the love, I know I have crazy opening and I am so excited but also very anxious because I know I have a lot of disappointed people

I am a small business market night is a chance to get some discontinued prints that are already pre made so cuffs have already been chosen and sizes are limited. I just want to make some points about market night before the opening so everything is clear. Stock is limited because these are made at any spare moment between orders and as you know we don’t have a lot of it 😂

Like many companies big and small baskets are not held it is first to checkout so items will disappear from basket if sold before you checkout. As we know this can be fast if for any reason an item double sells (never happend before 🤞🏻) I will Contact you to let you know and the item will sell to First person to keep it fair.

I try and make it very clear what you are buying but sometimes I don’t have the exact image for example a cuff choice so please note the item you are buying is the DESCRIPTION not the exact photo. The photo will of course be the print for reference but not always match description 

BOO print is reduced tonight it’s 15% off this is due to imperfection in the print. To list each imperfection wouldn’t be possible so instead I have reduced them. By buying you are taking the gamble if it’s got a very small mark or not they are non refundable for this reason.

The ocean life print with a (L) is slightly bigger than my normal one But still perfect.

I cannot merge any orders in any openings so if you want to checkout quickly to ensure it’s guaranteed the second order would not be merged or postage refunded. This is to try and give everyone a chance to get orders in. If you want a big order I would advise doing half and then try again

I hate setting out these rules and being so ‘bossy’ but all I am trying to do is be honest And hopefully this stops the emails I can receive.

We are all in an uncertain time so please be kind and understanding I am so excited for lovebees future and one day I will be making all your orders. If you feel the need to comment unkindly please unfollow it’s really not worth you unhappiness I am selling clothes not medical supplies

Thank you for getting to the end of that now it’s said I feel I can enjoy the market night 🐝💛


Lovebee xx