Autumn Check Organic Swaddle Blanket


Cute baby and toddler extra large 100% organic cotton double gauze muslin.

This fabric crinkles when washed, resulting in a breathable, textured fabric perfect for swaddling/feeding/comfort and so much more.

Comes in two different sizes - **Measurements are approximate**

Extra Large - 34" x 55" perfect for bundling up your newborn, laying down as a cot blanket, a favourite blanket for your toddler or even a beach/nursing cover up.

Half size - 34" x 27" this is half the size of the extra large and you will get two of them in a pack. We can mix and match the prints please email or if you want this size. This size is perfect for little comforters or burp cloths and you will have one when the other is in the wash.

Edges are professionally stitched for a finished look and to preserve the life of the muslin blanket through all its many uses. This fabric is delivered smooth and crinkles when washed. Prints are likely to be off-grain.

You may find small pieces of thread this is just in the manufacturing process they like to cling on even after a good shake after washing they disappear. If any are caught in the seems just trim this wont effect the item and we do check before they leave.

Because they are handmade and made to order, the pattern placement may differ slightly from what is pictured. No two muslins are exactly the same, making them unique.

LoveBee xx

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