Cute baby and toddler 100% organic lovie with natural  organic beechwood ring. the lovie is a Organic cotton double gauze muslin

Edges are concealed within for a finished look and to preserve the life of the lovie blanket through all its many uses. This fabric is delivered smooth and crinkles when washedresulting in a breathable, textured fabric perfect for comfort and so much more.

Comes in three options and wooden finishes 

Single Lovie - One 19x28" (approx) lovie with one wooden ring treated unless requested plain.

Adding two Lovies and you want one ring to share please enter code DOUBLELOVIE at the checkout to remove £2.50 for ring. You will then get one ring.

No Ring - If you previously have bought a ring and want to add more Lovies to your collection then you can buy them without. Please message after ordering and I will refund the ring difference which would be -£2.50

Wooden ring finish

Treated finish - The natural Wooden rings are treated with a organic beeswax oil which is Food safe and is voc free and contains no harmful solvents this is essential for use as a teething toy. but if you have any allergies or preferences vegan for example, please select untreated wooden ring (please note you need to retreat the rings)

Untreated- You must email for this option, it's raw natural form but please treat them yourself they are not to be used as a teething toy without.  Please treat with ideas below

If you plan to use them for teething toys I recommend to finish them with food grade oils like beeswax oil, coconut oil, flax seed oil or olive oil. Simply wipe on, let it soak in, then wipe it off. Clean them with water and mild soap. Store them in dry place. Do not put the wooden ring in the freezer as this will damage the wood and reduce the lifespan of the ring.

Because they are handmade and made-to-order, the pattern placement may differ slightly from what is pictured. No two lovies are exactly the same, making them unique.

LoveBee xx