🐝💛✨N O M I N E E ✨🐝💛

I’m shaking writing this and feel very emotional to find out I have been nominated for the Independent awards. You all made this happen, you all tagged me in @hollytucker @holly.co post and I am so grateful. 💛 Thank you!

Now I need your amazing help again 🙏🏻 well actually I need you, your family, your dog and neighbours help to vote. I will share link below and on all social media (more than once and I’m not sorry).

On the 8th December five finalists will be announced and they are determined by votes and expert judges. There will also be a separate people’s choice award on the 15th December and then winners will be announced on the 17th December 🎄This would be an amazing way to celebrate our year at Lovebee with our team 💛🐝. We have grown so much this year and we are so proud to be an independent small shop.

We are in the category - Product of 2020 ✨

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this opportunity xxx


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Orders from Saturday 7th November the last Christmas orders are due for dispatch on or before saturday December 18th (international orders not guaranteed for Christmas)

Orders from the leggings and bloomer opening saturday 24th october are due for dispathed on or before Saturday December 5th

Orders from Sunday 4th October Christmas launch are due for dispatch on or before Sunday November 15th

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