Lovebee is proud to stock british brand Baa Baby the experts in luxury baby sheepskin and winners of 13 industry standard awards. OEKO-TEX certified for the ultimate in safety and has all the same eco standards we have at Lovebee.

Responsibly made


Baa Baby take extra care to make our products safe for young skin and kind to the  planet. The sheepskin is eco-tanned and chrome free, with any dye used being produced from vegetables to keep it naturally biodegradable. Baa Baby products are only ever cut from one single fleece so you’ll find no seams – they really are a cut above the rest, not fast fashion, just timeless nature

Baa Baby pieces are made for the practical minimalist.

FLATOUT bear wash and care

Sheepskin is an amazing material & has self-cleaning properties, is naturally anti-bacterial & repels water, therefore to keep your FLATOUT bear in great condition, it does not need to be washed frequently.

Your FLATOUT bear does NOT need to be washed before use.

If your FLATOUT bear is loved & cherished every day, its lifespan can be limited. In order to prolong the life of your FLATOUT bear, spot clean any significant marks & only wash your FLATOUT bear if it is really dirty, following the detailed washing instructions below.

The sheepskin of the FLATOUT bear can be affected by washing & the texture of the wool can change. please take this into consideration before washing.

spot cleaning or washing your bear

step 1:  wait for a nice, dry & sunny day

step 2:  dissolve a small amount of sheepskin detergent* or woolwash (i.e. non-alkaline mild liquid detergent wool wash) in a bucket of cool water (never use hot water)

to spot clean your FLATOUT bear

step 3:  dip a soft cloth into the water

step 4:  spot clean the dirty mark (don’t saturate the FLATOUTbear)

step 5:  gently rub dry with a clean dry cloth

step 6:  dry flat in shade (see detailed in step 7 below)


to wash your FLATOUTbear

step 3:  slosh your FLATOUTbear up & down a few times in the solution; you want a gentle action of water moving through the wool to dislodge dirt particles

step 4:  rub gently by hand until clean

step 5:  rinse with cold running water

step 6:  gently squeeze excess water from your FLATOUTbear – DO NOT WRING DRY. roll the FLATOUTbear in a dry towel to squeeze out any moisture

step 7:  lay your FLATOUTbear on a clean, dry towel, pulling it into shape, making sure it is flat. allow to dry in the shade. please be patient as this can take a day or two depending on the weather. it is important that it dries slowly away from direct heat i.e. direct sunlight & artificial heat as the hide can shrink &/or harden. don’t be tempted to speed up the drying process. natural air flow helps the drying process. fast drying shrinks & hardens the hide

Please DO NOT put your FLATOUT bear in the washing machine (even on a hand wash cycle) nor in the dryer.