Bobble hat Sizing

Our bobble hats are a best seller and last at least two seasons. They are designed to be rolled up when first worn at start of age as they grow you roll down without a band.

NB - 6 Months 
Head circumference 14" (35.5cm)

6-12 Months 
Head circumference 16" (40.5cm)

1-2 Years Head circumference 18" (45.5cm)

2-4 Years 
Head circumference 19" (48cm)

Child 4+ 
Head circumference 20" (50.5cm)

Lining - The hat is reversible so your lining colour is important. The Pom is attached with a wooden toggle so can be removed to be washed and the hat can be worn both ways. The pom cannot be washed and needs blow drying if wet.

You can buy the hats with no pom. This is if you already have a Lovebeebaby one and you can save and use one pom for multiple hats. The hats will still be made with a hole in the top so they do still need a pom. Use code NOPOM at the checkout this will take £3 off the cost of the hat for you. Only one code can be used per order if you need more than one reduction please order as normal and email we will refund if qualifies. 

Knotted Hats

Nb - 38cm, 0-3 months - 41cm, 3-6 months - 43cm,  6-9months - 45m, 9-12 months - 47cm, 1-2 years - 50cm, Coloured band has more stretch.

These will differ in sizing from bobble hats and you might wonder why when it's the same size. This is because they are to be worn different bobble hats are for keeping on and active little ones so need to be snugger these have a double band to accommodate more room and are looser.


Bibs are one size and designed for up to 2 years.


We don't give an exact size/measurement range for snoods as they cover a large age range and can stretch when worn and each lining differs in measurements.

Child - From 1 year to 5 Years (approx) they will fit longer depending on the child. Roll over at the start or age to ensure it doesn't cover the mouth when worn.

Large child - 5 years + or small adult.

Adult - Mumma, Daddy, Grandad, Grandma, Nain, Taid anyone can be part of the twinning.

Important - For teddy-lined snoods, they are cut a size above to accommodate the extra thickness and comply with safety. For example, a child's teddy snood is cut the same size as a large child's standard lining. If you compare a knitted and coloured lining to a Teddy snood you will notice a difference this is intentional, not incorrect sizing.