LoveBee is a proud eco brand we make all my items with cloth in mind the harem leggings, rolled shorts, dresses and cuffed/rolled rompers are all accommodating but the cuffed shorts, bloomers and bloomers rompers are different.

In order to ensure they look good on standard nappies and are not baggy, we would suggest sizing up in those styles if your cloth as they are not as roomy.

The footed rompers are a slimmer fit than standard rompers and have a higher crotch which may not be as suitable for cloth nappies but sizing up gives you baggy toes (we don't want that) so they may not fit as long but I personally found them ok with my son for full age.

The slimmer fit leggings are designed to be worn without a nappy after toilet training. But they do fit over nappies just not enough for cloth. These have been made a better fit since January little more length and better fit over the bum.