This has been made available to days and weeks before openings so this will be attached to any emails complaining and hopefully you can understand.


A Normal opening and how that works

Welcome to lovebee we wanted to write a little (ok it’s a lot) about openings and hopefully answer some questions you may have. 

Firstly we are so grateful for all the support and the love, I know we have crazy opening (although some are longer 🙌🏻 ) and we are so excited but also very anxious because we know we still have disappointed customers.

Lovebeebaby is a small business starting from our dining room table in our married quarters slowly upgraded to our spare room. We moved home in 2020 and built a garden studio in a pandemic which we outgrew in weeks and now we are settled in our second beautiful farm studio in Wales. The last 18 months we have taken on 7 new members of staff and this was meant to be the turning point for Lovebeebaby and we hoped to stay open full time but no one could have predicted covid and we are all effected. On top of this the demand has doubled which is amazing for a small business.

We finally have more space and an amazing team working following all Government guidelines. We now take double the orders and we have twice as many openings but still can't meet demand on a launch opening.

We are a husband and wife team with two small children and George and Teddy. The reason I explain this to you is because I will get emails and comments complaining, so if after you read this and you still don’t understand why I close then I’m unsure what more we can do.

We physically can only make a Certain amount of orders working long days and we do it because we love our brand so we wouldn’t change it but we have a limit, a physical limit. Before we open we know what we can make In 4-6 weeks (please account for the full 6 weeks) and when we take that amount we close the website. We always take more as it's hard to close.

We do not close it easily, we are stopping paying customers from ordering and this is less than ideal for any business. We want amazing orders and to be successful but we can’t take your money if we can’t make it and make it to lovebeebaby standard. Quality over quantity is our brand ethos.

We can’t control who orders and how quick they checkout. We have a really high customer return rate it’s over 75% so you know exactly what they want and how to checkout. It’s amazing and we take it as a massive compliment to lovebees quality but this is how we sell out in seconds. It’s not a marketing hype and it is fair no one has an advantage, Head start or priority.

We will open the website at a set time on advertised date and we will press close when we hit the amount as a team we can physically make. If you are still browsing it won’t allow you to checkout, it will say ‘error’ or ‘something went wrong’. If you are processing an order and see this message Check your emails and junk folder it may have processed but if you have no email or payment notification then it’s not been successful we are so sorry.

An update on social media will be done straight away and my homepage as soon as we can this could be as soon as 3 minutes after opening, we have given plenty of notice this is the situation. I hope that helps a little with the actual opening now I want to talk about the turnaround.

We are taking what I know we can make in four weeks with no delays like fabric, supplies, children getting ill, bank holidays etc. Then we pack and hope post by the end of week 4/5 this is why I have set my turnaround to 5-6 please expect the full turnaround and message if after the 6 weeks has passed and you haven't received. Orders will start to leave after 4 weeks normally leggings first so please don't worry if you haven't got your order and others have we post as its made.

When you order Please consider this turnaround time when you pick the size, after we have cut the orders we cannot change them this makes the processing time longer and we are really taking the max orders so every second counts. The size chart is available online before opening to check.

You need to check you order before paying changes are not guaranteed it is your responsibility to check before payment. If you check your processed order and if you’ve made a mistake please email before 11pm that evening to see if its possible to ammend. I know mistake can happen when you checkout quick, If we can we will only accept changes to size or prints but not extra items.

We cannot merge any orders in openings for insurance of parcels and our postage system. If you want to checkout quickly to ensure it’s guaranteed the second order would not be merged or postage refunded. This is to try and give everyone a chance to get orders in. If you want a big order I would advise doing half this opening and then the other half next opening

We hate setting out these rules and being so ‘bossy’ but all we are trying to do is be honest and hopefully this stops the emails we can receive.

We are working so hard in difficult times so please be kind and understanding we am so excited for lovebees future and one day we hope to be making all your orders. If you feel the need to comment unkindly please unfollow it’s really not worth you unhappiness I am selling clothes not medical supplies.

Thank you for getting to the end of that now it’s said I feel we can enjoy the openings 🐝💛


Tom, Laura, George and Edward  

Family Team bee xx