Chart is child body measurements If you are cloth nappy I have written an extra guide here.

I am a mum of two boys both worn Lovebee from birth so I will offer personal advice. The leggings are true to size and slimmer on the legs if you have chunky bubba legs size up. We accommodate growth at LoveBee we don't want them growing out of handmade because they grew a little taller and from our own children we know they grow taller than wider. So our leg lengths are generous if your little one has shorter legs like our Teddy a size down is ok.

The rompers are roomy and personally, we wouldn't advise to size up but they are very forgiving if they are a little big and you want to get more wear that's fine to size up.

Items are true to size after the first wash this is why we size by body measurments and not the items as they change at washing, this is fully accomodated when we make and are made bigger. Please use the guide of body measurement below if you are unsure. 

Leggings, shorts, Rompers, Dresses 

Newborn Height 22 inches, waist 16 inches, inseam without nappy 6.7 inches

0-3 months Height 24 inches, Waist 17.5 inches, Inseam without nappy 8.5 inches

3-6 months Height 27 inches, Waist 18.5 inches, Inseam without nappy 10 inches

6-9 months Height 29 inches, Waist 19 inches, Inseam without nappy 11.25 inches

9-12 months Height 30.5 inches, Waist 19.5 inches, Inseam without nappy 12 inches

12-18 months Height 33 inches, Waist 20.25 inches, Inseam without nappy 13,5 inches

18-24 months Height 35 inches, Waist 21 inches, Inseam without nappy 14 inches

2-3 years Height 38 inches, Waist 21.5 inches, Inseam without nappy 15.5 inches

3-4 years Height 41 inches, Waist 22 inches, Inseam without nappy 17 inches 

4-5 years  Height 44 inches, Waist 22.5 inches

5-6 years  Height 46.5 inches, Waist 23 inches

6-7 years Height 48 inches, Waist 23.5 inches

Skirt length from bottom of the bodice to bottom of hem (before washing) Please note these can vary slightly as they are handmade and the bottom of bodice doesn't sit on the waist of all children. Skirt length here is measured from the item and not child's body as the chart above. This will change when washed and ironed please note this is a guide only but if washed correctly and ironed will only shrink our allowance.

0-3 months Length 8 inches

3-6 months Length 8.5 inches

6-9 months Length 9 inches

9-12 months Length 9.5 inches

12-18 months Length 10 inches

18-24 months Length 10.5 inches

2-3 years Length 11 inches

3-4 years Length 12 inches

4-5 years Length 12.5 inches 

5-6 Years Length 13 inches