Welcome to the LoveBee size guide, This is a general guide to our sizes we know little ones are very active so hard to measure. 

Our personal advice is the leggings are true to size, slimmer on the legs if you have a chunky bubba legs size up. The rompers are roomy and personally we wouldn't advise to size up but they are very forgiving if they are a little big and you want to get more wear thats fine to size up. Items are true to size after first wash but please use the guide if you are unsure. If you are cloth nappy I have written an extra guide below.

Leggings, shorts, Rompers, Dresses 

Newborn Height 22 inches, waist 16 inches, inseam without nappy 6.7 inches

0-3 months Height 24 inches, Waist 17.5 inches, Inseam without nappy 8.5 inches

3-6 months Height 27 inches, Waist 18.5 inches, Inseam without nappy 10 inches

6-9 months Height 29 inches, Waist 19 inches, Inseam without nappy 11.25 inches

9-12 months Height 30.5 inches, Waist 19.5 inches, Inseam without nappy 12 inches

12-18 months Height 33 inches, Waist 20.25 inches, Inseam without nappy 13,5 inches

18-24 months Height 35 inches, Waist 21 inches, Inseam without nappy 14 inches

2-3 years Height 38 inches, Waist 21.5 inches, Inseam without nappy 15.5 inches

3-4 years Height 41 inches, Waist 22 inches, Inseam without nappy 17 inches 

4-5 years  Height 44 inches, Waist 22.5 inches

5-6 years  Height 46.5 inches, Waist 23 inches

6-7 years Height 48 inches, Waist 23.5 inches

Dress length from shoulder to bottom of hem (before washing) please note these can vary slightly as they are handmade Shorter length is a new shorter length for ages 3-6 to 12-18 months. 2-2.5 inches off the length depending on size. This is a shorter length to aid in crawling or if you like the shorter style. We cannot guarantee the length for crawling as this would depend on height of child but should aid.

0-3 months Length 15. inches

3-6 months Length 16. inches

6-9 months Length 17. inches

9-12 months Length 18. inches

12-18 months Length 19. inches

18-24 months Length 20 inches

2-3 years Length 20 inches

3-4 years length 21 inches

4-5 years length 22 inches

Cloth - LoveBee is a proud eco brand we make all my items cloth nappy friendly the harem leggings (not slim leg), rolled shorts, dresses and cuffed/rolled rompers are all accommodating but the cuffed shorts, bloomers and bloomers rompers are different. In order to ensure they look good on standard nappies and not baggy we would suggest sizing up in those styles if your cloth as they are not as roomy.

The new footed rompers are a slimmer fit than standard rompers and have a higher crotch which may not be as suitable for cloth nappies but sizing up gives you baggy toes (we don't want that) so they may not fit as long but I personally found them ok with my son for full age.

The slimmer fit leggings are designed to be worn without nappy after toilet training. But they do fit over nappies just not enough for cloth. These have been made a better fit since January little more length and better fit over the bum.

Bobble hat Sizing

Preemie Head circumference 12" (30.5cm)

NB - 6 Months 
Head circumference 14" (35.5cm)

6-12 Months 
Head circumference 16" (40.5cm)

1-2 Years Head circumference 18" (45.5cm)

2-4 Years 
Head circumference 19" (48cm)

Child 4+ 
Head circumference 20" (50.5cm)

Knotted Hats

Nb - 38cm, 0-3 months - 41cm, 3-6 months - 43cm,  6-9months - 45m, 9-12 months - 47cm, 1-2 years - 50cm, Coloured band has more stretch


Bibs are one size and designed for up to 2 years. Child snoods are designed for up to 5 years and are never to be worn sleeping or unattended. Large child snoods can be worn from age 5 onwards they have good stretch. For teddy lined snoods they are cut a size above to accommodate the extra thickness and comply with safety. For example a child teddy snood is cut same size as large child standard lining.

Please message me with any questions about sizing, washing or ordering.

LoveBee xx